Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sorting Photos

The disadvantage of a digital camera: 723 pictures of Alaska to sort. No time for more now; I've got to get to work on it.

More (much more) to follow.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Keyless Entry

So Rich and I are lying around in the living room reading. It's been a long day. In the distance, I hear a horn honking over and over. Not a regular repetition, but erratic, kind of a "honk-honk-honk" pause "honk" pause "honk honk." I think maybe somebody got married, but that seems unlikely at 10 pm.

Then I start thinking about how, the day before, I got locked out of the car in the credit union parking lot. I was late picking up Emma Jane from synchro already. I called Rich, and he did a drive-by key drop-off while speeding toward Mack Pool.

And I started thinking how I hadn't returned his key and the keyless entry. Wondering what had happened to them. Thinking about how the drier was running.

"That sounds awfully close," Rich says.

So while he's in the driveway turning the car off and on, trying to get the horn and blinking lights to stop before the neighbors call the police, I'm in the basement rooting around in the drier. Sure enough, when I find the keyless entry and press "unlock," the horn stops beeping.

A half-hour later, I'm back on the couch with my book. Rich is in bed. The keyless entry is cooling off on the counter. And the horn starts honking again. Fortunately, I keep a screwdriver in the silverware drawer.

The sad mangled bits of Rich's keyless entry are still hanging out in the silverware drawer. Maybe someday I'll get it repaired.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Unfinished Projects

Recovering the Dining Room Chairs
Start date: January 2, 2007
Status: Four of six chairs covered.

Repairing a Hole in the Plaster in the Upstairs Hallway
Date the Plaster Began to Fall Down: some time in 2004
Start Date: March 1, 2007
Status: New piece of gypsum board installed. Not filled in,
sanded or painted.

Creating a Mudroom in the Basement
Start date: January 28, 2007
Status: Everything moved out of the room. No storage designed, purchased or installed.

Putting in a Michigan Native Plant Garden
Start date: May 5, 2007
Status: Killed the grass, dug up the yard, installed a path. Nothing planted.

Installing a Trellis around the Deck
Start date: May 5, 2007
Status: Acquired trellis. Not cut to fit or installed.