Thursday, September 20, 2007

Me and Martha

My mom lent me her copy of Martha Stewart Living. I noticed a few differences between my baseline household maintenance and Martha's. Some examples:

She celebrates the change of seasons by switching out lampshades and area rugs to create a warmer, more intimate feeling for the winter.
Once a year I consider cleaning the dead bugs out of the halogen lamp in the living room. I've never actually done it.

She layers her picking baskets with dishtowels to prevent the tomatoes from bruising.
I use the front of my shirt as a bowl and hope: (1) my bra doesn't show and (2) the stains will come out, since I don't have time to separate the whites from the colors.

She rotates her cookies in the oven so they brown evenly.
We like burned cookies at my house. We're used to them.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where I'm From

by Emma Jane Rickman
Hour 5

I am from the ripples
in the water from where I
dipped my paddle

From the smell of chicken

there to greet me

when I come home
That's where I am from

From "I love you," "Do you

homework!" and "Dinner's ready"
I'm from my butterfly alphabet,

Mr. Egg, and my Russian doll

That's where I am from

I'm from the "Cannonball"

when I jump in the water
From my bed, my playground out back,

and kicking the ball against the garage

making little dings.

That's where I am from

I'm from millions of cousins

and aunts, and uncles, and

people I love

Shopping with my aunts

and grandmas

That's where I am from

I am from my teachers who care and

my parents who cuddle

from shouts from the

neighbors and water fights

with soggy clothes

That's where I am from

I'm from stripey

headbands, polka dot shirts,

and plaid shorts

From planting with mom

in the garden

That's where I'm from

From Tiger's games

and Frisbee in the park

Hugs and kisses on

Graduation Day

That's where I'm from

I'm from stinky dogs

cat allergies and fish for dinner

From a brother who's a

soccer freak

That's where I'm from

From mushy baby food

and tater tots

shopping for school

supplies, and drawing

on the walls

That's where I'm from

from crying and

the creaking stairs

and scootering around

the block

That's where I'm from

from the first day of school

and my baby brother

Family dinner since I can

remember, and annoying


That's where I'm from

Canker sores and learning to tie

shoelaces and being

proud. Sad because
of going to a new

school finding friends

That's where I'm from

Friday, September 14, 2007


Nadin, we miss you!
Did you make it home okay?

Friday, September 7, 2007


Sam caught a salmon with his bare hands in Alaska. Proof that not all kids suffer from nature deficit disorder.

Sam with his sidekick, Joe (right). Someday they'll open a gas station together.

Salmon trying to bite Sam (left). He tells me it had teeth.

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