Monday, December 10, 2007

Email from Rich, Sent During My Weekend in Boulder

Subject: This Morning

I didn't set my alarm today, so I awoke about 6:50 to bustling about the house. When I went downstairs, Emma Jane had already made her and Sammy's lunch, fed Chester, and was standing by the toaster waiting for her breakfast to pop up. I told her last night to pretend that she was Wendy, and that me, Sammy, and Chester were 'The Lost Boys.' I think she is taking that role to heart.

She did absolutely everything without being asked or reminded, and was out the door at 7:45! She asked if she could go to synchro today for some extra practice before the meet tomorrow. I said yes, and we are going to pick up a new black bathing suit after practice, come home, eat pizza, and watch Spiderman 3. Sammy got up at 7:45, cuddled with me, asked, "What are Nazis?", ate breakfast, got ready, danced to Talking Heads' Mr. Jones, and left at 8:30. They really seem to be growing up!

How was the Denver Bot Garden? Having a good time?

Love you,